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Placing Breweries & Beer Explorers Back At The Heart Of Beer Technology

Brewer’s Eye is the perfect app for those who simply want to enjoy, experience and explore the wonderful world of beer in a relaxed rating free zone. Download the Pilot and join our new beer community today.

Key Features

Features Image - Your Ideal Place To Drink

Your Ideal Place
To Drink

Visit the Map and use our unique filter to find brewery taprooms.

Features Image - Your Perfect Beer

Perfect Beer

Our beer finder helps you to be as creative or specific as you want.

Features Image - Your Rating Free Zone

No Ratings Or Reviews

Every beer lover is unique: we all have different taste buds, preferences and needs.

Features Image - Your Beer Footprint

Beer Log

Save each beer you drink by clicking ‘CHEERS’.

Features Image - Your Event Calendar

Event Calendar

Never miss a beer event again – Brewer’s Eye has a list of all the best beer events.

Features Image - Your Event Ticket

Event Tickets

Not only can you book brewery tours and buy beers, we’ve also included links so you can buy event tickets too.

Features Image - Your Beer News

Beer News

Sick of scrolling Social Media? The Beer Wall is the feature for you. It is covered top to bottom with beer news and events.

Features Image - Your Brewery Tours

Brewery Tours

Can this app get much better? Visit brewery pages and book brewery tours for you and friends.

Other Features

Your Rewards

We won’t give you in-app pats on the back or clinks for cheers, but we will reward our beer community with REAL beer and event ticket giveaways.

Brewery Notifications

Want instant updates from your favourite breweries? Click the ‘heart’ symbol on a brewery and each time they post beer news you will receive it immediately.

Save Favourites

You can favourite a brewery, beer, event or beer wall post which will save them to your profile. Find all your favourites in ‘Menu’.

Recommended Beers

Visit a beer page and scroll to the bottom to see similar beers which you might want to try.

Quick Search

Click the magnifying glass to search for a beer or brewery quickly and easily.  Remember this is just a pilot (Version 1) and we’re creating a Universe of Great Beer from scratch – if the beer or brewery isn’t there tell us.

Did You Know?

This is the first independent, unbiased, all-inclusive beer APP which has already been downloaded in every continent (except Antarctica!)

Our Mission

  • Firmly place breweries back at the heart of beer apps.
  • Provide an unbiased platform to help breweries show how great they are away from the nonsense of ratings and reviews.
  • Empower beer lovers to enjoy, explore and experience the incredible world of beer.

Our Vision

  • Create an inclusive beer universe celebrating all that is great with beer across the world - everyone is welcome.
The Brewer's Eye - Hop and Hop Dog

What The Industry Say:

“The Brewer’s Eye opens drinkers up to the incredible variety of beer and breweries without any of the snobbery or divisiveness which ratings can sometimes bring. I can’t wait to use the Map Room feature to explore the beer scene in new cities around the world!”

- Charlotte, Beer Explorer

“As a cider drinker, I live in a world where I often struggle to find quality craft cider in pubs or bars – it’s a good job I love beer too. Brewer’s Eye is a one stop solution for me with news about brewers and beers - and keeps me informed where I can find craft cider.”

- Dick, Cider & Beer Explorer

“I use the app regularly now, either to get news from my favourite breweries or to find brewers I did not know about when travelling around for work or holiday. It’s my first stop now when you are going to a town or city for the first time!”

- Ben, Beer Explorer

“The Brewer’s Eye app is great. I love the fact that if I’m in another town or city I can check out what breweries and taprooms are close by, whether they’re open, do food and if we can take our dog. It’s helped me find places I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.”

- Craig, Beer Explorer

“The Brewer’s Eye is a fantastic resource for beer lovers to easily access info about their favourite beers and breweries. From the Beer Wall packed with news from craft breweries themselves, to a comprehensive Events list, this is an amazing resource! Got a favourite hop variety? Use the Beer Finder to search for all the beers which contain it (Sabro beers, we’re coming for you!)”

- Daisy, Craft Beer Newcastle

“Since discovering The Brewer’s Eye app has been an invaluable tool to help build on staff knowledge at the shop, especially with the constant rotation of beers we have available. Allowing users to search beers by flavour means we give a much more personal service to our customers. And the ‘I don’t drink beer / I only drink wine/cider’ people often will find a beer that they like based on their flavour preferences! Magic. You don’t have to know your IPA from your DDHL to be able to find a beer that you like.”

- Linda, Brewery Market Bottle Shop & Tap

“We are big fans of the Eye, it’s a great platform bringing together breweries and customers in a seamless and easy way. Very helpful to stay up to date with all exciting events and new beers in such a fast moving sector. Love in particular that it’s not focused on reviewing beers but on supporting each other to grow together.”

- Ora Brewery, London

“We love The Brewers Eye app, it connects us to the beer connoisseurs directly allowing us to spread the word effortlessly. The Map Room feature is incredible meaning you're never far away from an awesome brew, wherever you may be. Get it, you wont be disappointed!”

- Brew York, Brewery

“Brewer's Eye is a great way of connecting to our customers, and the platform is really easy to use.”

- Oli, Squawk Brewing

“A great app for all the beer lovers. Easily accessible and full of great content.
It’s refreshing to find a beer app that isn’t lead by ratings and reviews. Make your own mind up about a beer or brewery rather than thinking you need to follow the trends and gimmicks that seem to be ever increasing in the beer world.
Also, being a dog owner, it’s great that you can easily find which venues welcome your 4 legged pals, rather than the boring sods that don’t.”

- Richard, Jack In The Box

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